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C/C++ Project Integration

ntegration of the Diolan USB-I/O Interface Adapter GPIO-24 API with C or C++ application is very simple. It only requires a number of API function calls.

To integrate GPIO-24 API with your C/C++ project follow the next steps:

  • Include the gpio_24.h file into your application source module:

    #include "gpio_24.h"
  • Link your project with gpio_24.dll library. For implicit linking you can use the gpio_24.lib import library. If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio you can simply add the next line into your source module:

    #pragma comment (lib, "gpio_24.lib")

    For explicit linking use LoadLibrary() and GetProcAddress() functions from Windows API.

For convenience all necessary constants were defined in reports.h file. This file also contains structures for handy access to GPIO-24 adapter commands, responses and events. You can simply include reports.h file into any C or C++ source module:

#include "reports.h"

USB-I/O adapter installation package also contains open source applications. You can use them as examples during your software development.