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HID transactions

Bootloader uses HID protocol to interact with PC software. We provide fw_update program that sends user-mode application to bootloader.

; HID Class-Specific Descriptor included in configuration
USB_HID_DESC_bLength       db   (USB_HID_DESC_end - USB_HID_DESC)   
      ; Size
USB_HID_DESC_bDscType      db   DSC_HID   ; HID descriptor type
USB_HID_DESC_bcdHID        dw   0x0101   ; HID Spec Release Number in BCD format
USB_HID_DESC_bCountryCode  db   0x00   ; Country Code
                                       ; (0x00 for Not supported)
USB_HID_DESC_bNumDsc       db   HID_NUM_OF_DSC   ; Number of class descriptors
USB_HID_DESC_HDR_bDscType  db   DSC_RPT   ; Report descriptor type
USB_HID_DESC_wDscLength    dw   (USB_HID_RPT_end - USB_HID_RPT)
                                          ; Size of the report descriptor

HID Report Descriptor is defined in the same file:

; Report descriptor
       db       0x05, 0x0C       ; Usage Page (Consumer devices)
       db       0x09, 0x00       ; Usage (unassigned)
       db       0xA1, 0x02       ; Collection (datalink)
       db       0x09, 0x00       ; Usage (unassigned)
       db       0x95, HID_IN_EP_SIZE       ; report count 8
       db       0x75, 0x08       ; report size 8
       db       0x81, 0x00       ; input
       db       0x09, 0x00       ; Usage (unassigned)
       db       0x95, HID_OUT_EP_SIZE       ; report count 8
       db       0x75, 0x08       ; report size 8
       db       0x91, 0x00       ; output
       db       0xC0       ; End Collection

HID requests are processed by usb_sm_HID_request subprogram.

Bootloader supports the following HID requests:


with this request HOST determines the type and number of supported reports.


with this request host transfers data to bootloader.