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LED configuration

Bootloader operation mode is displayed on LED:

  • LED is on under programming mode – microcontroller pin is configured as digital output with output value equal to 0;
  • LED is blinking while bootloader updates user mode application;
  • LED is off under user mode – microcontroller pin remains configured as digital input.

LED usage is configured in file by USE_LED macro. To use LED, macros value must be set to 1.

#define USE_LED   1

If LED is not used, macros value must be set to 0.

#define USE_LED   0

By default microcontroller pin E.0 is reserved for LED functionality. To use another pin, change the following macros:

  • in LED macros specify LAT register address;
  • in LED_TRIS macros specify TRIS register address;
  • in LED_PIN macros specify the pin number.

These macros are defined in file as shown below:

#define LED         LATE
#define LED_TRIS    TRISE
#define LED_PIN     0